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Hi, my name is Vhulenda also known as Vee. I had a wonderful opportunity of using Vita Aid/Keto Life products which changed my life. I have previously been diagnosed with endometriosis stage 4 and was on Glucophage and Eltroxin for my underactive thyroid. The use of the products and change in my eating habits truly transformed my life. I managed to shed 2.5 kilograms in three weeks. It was not easy at the beginning as one always tends to want to go back to bad eating habits especially in family functions. However, the products worked very well in suppressing my appetite and cravings, increasing energy and improved my sleep. I felt like a brand new person. Shedding off 2.5 kilograms was not the only benefit, I have also gained a healthy approach to food and I am able to make better choices not just for me but for my family as a whole. My goal was to lose 5 kilograms in the 28 days but only managed 2.5. Post the 28 days challenge I have lost a further 2 kilograms and I am still going. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity. Best wishes

Vhulenda Edna

I started using Vita trim products my goal was not just to lose weight but to start living healthy. It was not that difficult to start as my mind, which is the most powerful tool, was set and ready for this.
Mind and body were aligned with each other. A week and a half into the program I found myself with so much energy. The fatigue was gone. I felt reborn. There where challenges yes of which on my side I will say the fact that everyone else around you is having all these juicy food and here you are with healthy food. But because I knew what I want I went for it and lived to regret nothing. On the fourth week I was 2kg short of my target, but I was sustaining as I was not gaining anymore. I am happy about my outcome and the eating plan is doable. The product doesn’t have side effects for me. I can say I'm a happy VitaTrim Girl!

Mandisa Mabunda VitaTrim Journey

In the beginning of this year I decided to join the VitaTrim weight loss challenge as I wanted a change for myself in 2021. The people in charge were so friendly and willing to help which really inspired me more. During the journey it was quite tough but I knew that it was necessary for me to persevere to keep achieving the results I wanted. I didn’t reach my final VitTrim goal on the journey but eventually got there a couple weeks later. Thanks to the support of Vita-Aid and VitaTrim, I have really been motivated to live a more positive and healthier lifestyle…

Lemese Khun
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